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The Osprey Mining™ ECU50 cards

The Osprey Mining™ ECU50 cards

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The Osprey Mining™ ECU50 cards, a modified Xilinx Alveo U50, provide optimized acceleration for cryptocurrency mining. Built on Xilinx UltraScale+™ architecture, with150-watt power supply through PCIe riser, the ECU50 includes 872K LUT, 224Mb on-chip RAM, 8GB HBM2, and PCIe 3x16. With the active air cooling, ECU50 can be deployed in crypto mining farms, datacenter servers, or home hobbies PCs.


ECU50 On-Chip HBM

FPGA on ECU50 board has 8GB HBM2, 460GB/s bandwidth (600GB/s overclock), supports most of the crypto memory hard POW algorithms. Current available bitstream: CKB (6ghs), and HNS (1.5ghs). The FPGA development community is devloping Ethash, Cuckaroo29, BeamHashII, MTP, etc.


Compatible with Xilinx Alveo U50

ECU50 is compatible with Alveo U50 and supports most of the U50 applications.

The main difference between ECU50 and Alveo U50:

•ECU50 support 150W power deliver through PCIe riser

•No QSFP ports on ECU50


Active air cooling

Special designed active air cooling, including 3 fans, 4 copper heat pipes, thick layers of copper for fast heat transmission



ECU50 electrical board is in stock and ready for shipping

Heat Sink portion will be shipped out mid of March



FPGA: Xilinx UltraScale+™ XCU50 FPGA with 872K LUT, 224Mb on chip RAM, 8 GB HBM, 460 GB/s Bandwidth

Configuration: USB (JTAG), Dual SPI Config Flash

Power Supply: 150W through PCIe riser

Interconnect: PCIe Gen3x16, PCIe Gen4x8, CCIX

Thermal: 3 Fans, 6-Pin PCIe power connector, 4 copper heat pipes, Thick layers of copper, fast heat transmission


Warranty: 3 months