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Pre-made BTU9P FPGA Mining Rig
Pre-made BTU9P FPGA Mining Rig

Pre-made BTU9P FPGA Mining Rig

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LIMITED STOCK - This is a Pre-made BTU9P FPGA Mining Rig (5 Boards) by


This FPGA mining rig is FLEXIBLE and CUSTOMIZABLE depending on your request. Please contact <> for custom kit inquiries. We will let you know the shipping cost once your order has been confirmed.

Performance: In the video - Running RB2 by Whitefire:
Frequency: 560Mhz
Hashrate: ~540MH/s
Core Temperature: ~40C (Room temp: 25C)
Errors: ~1%
Power: ~1340 W (375 W is used for delta fans, motherboard, pump)
What’s included in the mining rig:

- 5 Refurbished BTU9Ps boards by TUL
- Rig frame
- Power Supply: Julongxin ATX 2000 Watt
- Motherboard: Biostar TB250-BTC
- CPU: Intel Celeron
- SSD 128GB
- 5 USB-to-Micro USB Cables
- 5 PCI Risers
- Water Cooling Parallel Setup Pre-Installed (Pump, Radiator, Waterblock, Hose, Filter, Tubes, Fittings)
- 6 Delta Fans (loud noise) or 6 Noctua fans (silent)
- 5 New Backplates by TUL (Lowering the LTC temperature)
- 2 Fan Hubs
1. There’s a risk of breaking some components in this rig while shipping, therefore we can’t send you a fully assembled rig. We will provide a set of instructions for you to assemble the remaining parts.
2. You’ll need to pay additional shipping cost after we confirm your order.