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Nvidia A100 Complete Generative AI SERVER
Nvidia A100 Complete Generative AI SERVER

Nvidia A100 Complete Generative AI SERVER

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NVIDIA A100 Server - Unleash AI Power is your gateway to cutting-edge AI solutions. Our NVIDIA A100 Server is engineered to supercharge your AI workloads, ensuring you harness the full potential of artificial intelligence for your organization's success.

NVIDIA A100 Server - Empower Your AI Infrastructure**

Intel Xeon Plat 2.8Ghz 32C - (2)

64gb 4800Mhz ECC DDR5 DRAM - (32)

960GB SATA - (2)

Mega RAID 9560-8i, 4GB Cache - (1)

2x25GbE SFP28 - (1)

Nvidia MCX75310AAS-Neat 400gb/s NDR Single Port - (8)

Nvidia NVL H100 GPU - (8)

3000W Redundant Titanium PSU - (8)


12 month warranty 

- **AI Prowess:** The NVIDIA A100 Server is a powerhouse equipped with NVIDIA's latest A100 GPUs, delivering unmatched AI performance for training and inference.

- **Scalability:** Easily expand your AI infrastructure by adding multiple NVIDIA A100 Servers to meet growing demands and complexity.

- **Efficiency:** Benefit from optimized power efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with NVIDIA's advanced architecture.

- **Enterprise-Grade:** Designed for reliability, this server is suitable for mission-critical AI workloads in enterprise environments.

- **Flexibility:** Customize your server configuration to meet the unique requirements of your AI projects.

## **Why Choose the NVIDIA A100 Server from**

Choosing for your NVIDIA A100 Server means embracing excellence in AI infrastructure:

- **Expertise:** We are industry leaders in AI solutions, ensuring you get the most knowledgeable support.

- **Performance:** The NVIDIA A100 Server is designed for maximum performance, pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities.

- **Customization:** Tailor your server to match your specific AI needs, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

- **Reliability:** Our servers are rigorously tested and built to deliver reliable, uninterrupted service.

## **Ready to Revolutionize Your AI Infrastructure?**

Seize the opportunity to elevate your organization's AI capabilities with the NVIDIA A100 Server. Contact our experts to discuss your specific requirements and get started on your AI journey today.

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Upgrade your AI infrastructure today with the NVIDIA A100 Server from Contact us now and experience the future of AI!