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Dayun ZIG Z1+ 7.25GH/s W/PSU
Dayun ZIG Z1+ 7.25GH/s W/PSU

Dayun ZIG Z1+ 7.25GH/s W/PSU

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This Is The Z1+ 7.25 GH/s Hashrate Newest Batch!

This unit will sell out quickly! Limited Supply

Critical Timing Now! Top Miner Currently!

• Power consumption: 1200 Watt
• Hashing algorithm: Lyra2REv2
• Hash rate: 7.25GH / s + 5%


Manufacturer Dayun
Model Zig Z1+
Release September 2018
Chip size 28nm
Noise level 70db
Fan(s) 2
Power 1200W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet

PSU Included

Dayun Zig Z1 factory warranty

The manufacturer provides 180 days warranty on the miner from the moment of shipment

This warranty will lapse if you have done the following:
• Burned parts on the hash board or the chips
• Water damage
• You yourself have removed and / or replaced elements without consultation
• Poor power supply, lightning or voltage overvoltage

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