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Blackminer F2-Square

Blackminer F2-Square

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Blackminer F2-Square contains 4 Xilinx FPGA chips which upgrade the design of Blackminer F1mini+.

Blackminer F2-Square supports the same algorithms as Blackminer F1mini+.

F2-Square consists of two parts: Development board, main control device

Miner Size: 15cm*14.5cm*14cm

Net weight: 1.4kg

Main control device: 11cm*9cm*4cm; 0.35 kg

Packing size: 21cm*21cm*22cm,

Total weight: 2.05kg

Noise Level: 60 dB


Power Supply:

F2-Square contains no power supply.

Two kinds of power supplies are needed to run F2-Square.

A power supply of pCI-E 12V with 6PIN interface is needed for main development board.(Same as power supply for F1+/F2)

A power supply with DC 12V output is needed for the control device. (Interface 5.5mm*2.5mm,same as power supply for F1mini)

Algorithm Hashrate Power
DigiByte(odocrypt) 1.91 Gh/s 360 W
K12 20.1 Gh/s 301 W
kadena 22.4 Gh/s 249 W
tellor 3.1 Gh/s 240 W
qitmeer 8.2 Gh/s 296 W