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Acorn CLE-101

Acorn CLE-101

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Increase GPU mining efficiency

Acorn is the first-ever cryptocurrency mining accelerator card. By using best-in-class Xilinx FPGA chips in an M.2 slot, the Acorn CLE-101 offloads and performs the least GPU friendly parts of memory-intensive cryptocurrency mining. Acorn CLE-101 makes mining algorithms like Ethash and CryptoNight V1 on GPUs more efficient.

Works with Algorithms


Increase Mining Efficiency

Graphics cards are great for mining Ethash and CryptoNight V1 algorithms, but they’re not optimized for certain tasks in the algorithm chain. They create bottlenecks in the hashing pipeline, and that means they mine at a much lower effective hash rate and higher power usage.

Acorn offloads and performs the tasks where GPUs fall behind – and performs those tasks much faster than a GPU. 

Acorn and GPUs work in a highly-optimized choreography and ensure no piece of the hashing algorithm is waiting. 

What does it all mean?

Your GPU rigs can mine Ethash and CryptoNight V1 coins like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero or Electroneum better simply by adding Acorn CLE-101 to the mix.