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HashDeploy's Statement on the FTX SETUP

Because of what I see it doing to the industry, I felt I should make a statement regarding the FTX SETUP. The FTX SETUP's goal to destroy crypto or knock it back a few notches and bring in a Central Bank Digital Currency. Humans must resist this type of "money" at all cost. CBDC's are in no way related to crypto currency. They are a centralized control system, not a freedom based decentralized monetary system. The FTX SETUP was exactly that, a SETUP, if you do your research you will find that FTX was in bed with the "government" with the goal to discourage crypto at the same time as launching their CBDC. The FTX company was a ponzi scam because they were using customers funds to live beyond their means, just like "governments" do. Not all crypto is a scam, bitcoin is the first properly designed monetary system, this needs to be distinguished, but the propaganda is strong promoting that the crypto itself was the scam, that is untrue. Crypto currency will regulate itself to remove these scammers from the system, this is not the first and it will not be the last time... If humanity does not eliminate private central banks which is the cause of 99% of the worlds problems, it will become a totalitarian world government dictatorship. By using crypto and the refusal to use the central bank's counterfeit "money" as little as possible may be the only way to return to monetary freedom. The cause of inflation is the federal reserve printing of "money" (the real ponzi scam since 1913) that is the ONLY cause, and that is what Ron Paul has been telling Americans for over 60 years. The current monetary system is broken and the "government" will try to tell you that a CBDC will fix it, how will that fix it when we do not have sound money to begin with? My opinion is the CBDC will be the end of America. Please Fight Back. Support A Free Decentralized Monetary System, support crypto currency. Thank you! 

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The sudden crash of FTX cryptocurrency exchange The collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange has revealed that it was little more than a dark money slush fund for Democratic candidates, colluding with the Klaus Schwabs World Economic Forum and the Ukrainian government. The shocking implosion of the FTX crypto exchange The FTX crypto exchange has become a cause celebre among global elites, with some issuing mea culpas -- others are seemingly rushing to cover up their links with its disgraced, 30-year-old founder, Sam Bankman-Fried. Elon Musks Twitter has been indulging its latest conspiracy theories, this time regarding the spectacular implosion of FTX, a failed crypto exchange owned by one of the Democratic Partys biggest donors.

Now, comments on Sam Bankman-Fried have gone from baffling to hostile, following Fridays filing for bankruptcy protection for the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, leaving its investors and customers feeling ripped off, with plenty of others in the crypto-world worried about the fallout. The World Economic Forums report into ties with crypto, conducted by CoinGeek in March this year, did not contain any mentions about cryptocurrency exchange FTX or its co-founder and chief executive, Sam Bankman-Fried. In Sam Bankman-Frieds staff communication this week, Bankman-Fried said that crypto exchange FTX saw a massive spike in withdrawals, with users racing to take $6bn worth of cryptocurrency from FTX in only 72 hours.

The final effect of File is not yet known, but if it fails, it is likely that it will lead to billions in lost wealth, and further suspicion about crypto, at a time when the cryptocurrency industry could use a vote of confidence. Bahamas securities regulators froze some assets in embattled cryptocurrency exchange FTX, appointing a temporary receiver to evaluate whether to shut down the Bahamas-based operations of the exchange - the firm is headquartered there. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange FTX is reportedly seeking a modification of its Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) license that will enable the exchange to operate both as a crypto exchange and a facilitator of derivatives (FCM) leveraged trades.

Goldman Sachs is discussing trading derivatives in Bitcoin and other cryptos via a possible partnership with Bitcoin and crypto exchange FTX, according to a report. Elsewhere, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange partnered with former White House adviser Anthony Scaramuccis SALT Conference earlier this year to hold a star-studded crypto summit in the Bahamas.

SBF saw its SBF net worth plummet 94 percent or more last week as its cryptocurrency businesses (FTX and FTX U.S.) FTX U.S., and a trading firm (Alameda Research) were revealed as delusional Ponzi schemes.