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Canaan Avalon 920 18TH/s

Canaan Avalon 920 18TH/s

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Ships November 2019

Canaan AvalonMiner 920 18TH/s 1530W  ASIC Chip Miner

The AvalonMiner 921 is the ROQ Solid Miner, Refined. The AvalonMiner 920 is made with Reliable Open Quality, now with Airforming Cooling Technology.


Containing 104 x A3206 7 nm chips, AvalonMiner 920 is the latest Canaan AvalonMiner with a 20 Reliable Hashrate Per Second (RTHS).


By connecting our AvalonMiner Controller (sold separately) to a single AUC3 (AvalonMiner USB Converter 3), you may connect five AvalonMiners. For maximum usage, you may connect the AvalonMiner Controller to 4 AUC3 devices which may each connect to 5 AvalonMiners for a total simultaneous management of twenty AvalonMiner 921 to reach 400 TH/s (RTHS). PSU NOT included

Canaan AvalonMiner 920 18TH/s 1530W Mining Machine ASIC Chip Miner
18TH/s, -5% ~ +10%
Power Consumption
1530W, +0% ~ +20% @ 20TH/s, 25°C, 94% PSU Efficiency, 220V AC, Wall-Plug
(Minimum, Variant power consumption at different temperature and speed)
Power Efficiency
0.089J / GigaHash (Minimum)
Rated Input Voltage
12 ~ 12.6V
104 x A3206 7nm ASIC
Smart Speed
Network Connection
AUC3 + AUC3 I2C to AvalonMiner Controller
AvalonMiner Controller
Up to 5 devices / AUC3, Daisy-Chain Connection
Operating Temperature
-5? ~ 35?
Air-intake Temperature
-5? ~ 35?
1 x 14038 FAN
70db (Typical)
Gross Dimensions
Gross Dimensions
Net weight
6 kg
Gross weight
5.5 kg


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