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Canaan Avalon 1041 31TH/s – 36.9TH/s Turbo

Canaan Avalon 1041 31TH/s – 36.9TH/s Turbo

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The Canaan Avalon 1041 Bitcoin Miner is the most powerful and efficient ASIC miner produced by Canaan. The Avalon 1041 comes equipped with a Turbo Mode option, generating 36.9 TH/s at 2200W. It also features an economic power option, performing at 31+ TH/s (-5% to +15%) while only consuming 1736W with a range of (0% to 15%) averaging only 56W per TH/s.

  • Power Supply Included
  • No Controller Required
Model Name AvalonMiner 1041
Hash Rate 31TH/s,-5%~+5% – Turbo Mode 36.9TH/s
Power Consumption 1736W,-5%~+15% @ 31TH/s, 20°C, 94% PSU Efficiency, 220V AC, Wall-Plug
Variant power consumption at different temperature and speed
Power Efficiency 56J/TH,-5%~+15%
Power Supply Input 176~264V AC 50~60Hz 7.5~10A
Chips 240 x A3205 16nm ASIC
Smart Controller Canaan Kendryte K210 Artificial Intelligence SOC
Connection RJ45, Up to 254 Miners(theory) Daisy-Chain Connection
Operating Temperature -5℃~35℃
Air-intake Temperature -5℃~35℃
Operation Humidity 5%~95% Non-Condensing
Cooling 2 x 12038 FAN
Noise 70db
Net Dimensions 190mm x 190mm x 292mm
Net Weight 7.9kg

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