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ETHEREUM (ETH): Could April 5 to 8th be Significant for ETH?

haejin ETH analysis



The Apex for both the price's downward wedge pattern and the MACD symmetrical triangle occur on April 8th! Today is the 1st; so, ETH is so close to a resolution of these patterns! As you already know, my projection is bullish. From now until April 5 or 6 or 7 or 8th, price is likely to finish putting in the final microwaves. No one knows the precise day and time....but many can sense it.

Here are the blue subwaves of white 5 of red C and it is likely to pierce the bottom support line in the range of $342 to $290 or so sometime on April 5 ot 7th.

In this micro-dissection of the final waves remaining, the red waves represent the subwaves of the blue 5. Very, very close to a resolution! Is now the time to be taking SELLING or BUYING actions?

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